Namibia is gearing up for the arrival of 15 passenger vessels at the port of Luderitz and 18 cruise liners at the port of Walvis Bay between November 2023 and February 2024.

The announcement, made by Dr. Albert Kawana, Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security, came during a presidential media briefing on government programmes and progress.

Namibia's strategic focus on bolstering its tourism industry involves not only preparing for increased vessel traffic but also ensuring the smooth processing of passengers and vessels.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Safety, and Security is implementing comprehensive measures to facilitate a seamless experience for tourists and uphold security standards.

Dr. Kawana emphasised the ministry's commitment to improving customer service, particularly in the delivery of national identity and travel documents.

Notably, the processing time for passports and identity cards has been reduced to less than 14 days. Furthermore, the ministry has embraced technological advancements by introducing online applications for these essential documents.

These initiatives align with Namibia's dedication to providing efficient services to its citizens and visitors. The streamlined document processing is anticipated to contribute to a hassle-free experience for travellers, fostering a positive impression of the country.

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Daniel Nadunya