Amid the festivities, the public is warned not to relax their guard but to be on the lookout for criminals or scammers who up their game during this time of the year.

Safety and security are the number-one priorities of the Erongo Police at Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.

Erongo Governor Neville Andre joined the police and the neighbourhoodwatch during the ongoing "Festive Season Operation" at the two coastal towns.

Andre says the holiday season is a period when many individuals become victims of crimes, but most occurrences may be prevented if people pay close attention to their surroundings and take proactive safeguards.

He added that the festive season brings an increase in traveling, shopping, and socialising; therefore, it appears to be a peak period where crime rates escalate.

The streets and bars of Swakopmund are fully packed, and police visibility will be the order of the day during the festive season.

"I am happy to be here as part of this operation and also to see what elements need to be addressed from us as politicians when we talk about keeping our country safe. I am here to observe what the serious issues are in the communities." 

Erongo Police Commander, Commissioner Nikolaus Kupembona, said the police, together with other stakeholders, will carry out robust police operations during the festive season.

"We are always ready to be boots on the ground. We are going to demonstrate, ensuring that our inhabitances are well protected, their properties are well protected, and our lives are well protected. We are going out into the streets, we are going to conduct body searches, and we are going to ensure that our streets are safe for all the inhabitants."

Kupembona says it will be all hands on deck, and officers on the ground will be taking a zero-tolerance approach to criminality.

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