The matron at Rundu Intermediate Hospital, Martina Hausiku, says a number of elderly patients had a lot of questions after they found out about the death of Dr. Hage Geingob.

When the news broke that Dr. Hage Geingob had died, various Namibians were either at home or on their way somewhere else. 

But a large majority found out about his death while admitted to the hospital. The elderly patients, especially, had a lot of questions for the hospital staff. 

"There was a reaction with the patients, especially those that were getting pensions. I remember, every time I go to the ward to do some ward rounds, I remember some patients asking me, Madam, you see, we heard that our President passed on. It's a very bad thing because he was almost signing to increase our pension up to N$3,000, and then I told them, Ok, you know God knows better than us, so if the plan was there, I believe God will perfect it. Even if the President is not there."

Another health worker, Stephanus Muronga, also had to provide elderly patients with some sort of consolation. 

"Pensioners, they are really crying, day by day, because they lost someone who really fed them day by day. If we talk about the money that the President promised to give to our old pensioners, they are really crying. They lost a leader, be it us nurses, we really lost a leader."

With the regional memorial scheduled for this Thursday, the hospital has decided to include some of the patients in celebrating the life of the late Dr. Hage Geingob. 

"We are also going to organise the patients because of what they told me. We felt that patients should also get involved in observing the memorial service for our president. When the regional office will have their memorial down there, some of our colleagues will join them, but the rest of us will be here so that we can allow these patients that are able to walk to also be part of that memorial service.'


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