The exciting first leg of the CAVB Zone 6 Beach Volleyball Tour showcased thrilling matches and exceptional talent at the DTS courts in Windhoek. South Africa emerged as the dominant force, clinching gold medals in both the women's and men's divisions, solidifying their prowess in the sport.

Five nations, including South Africa, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and host country Namibia, competed fiercely in the tournament, setting the stage for intense showdowns on the sand courts.

In the women's category, Lesotho's impressive performance in the semi-finals set the stage for a compelling final against South Africa. However, the South African duo of Surika and Tatiana displayed their top-tier skills, securing a convincing victory and claiming the coveted gold medal.

The men's division witnessed intense battles, with defending champions Botswana facing tough competition from a determined South African team. In a closely contested final match, South Africa showcased resilience and precision, ultimately triumphing over Botswana to clinch the championship title in a thrilling tiebreaker.

The success of South Africa in both the women's and men's categories underscores their strength and determination in beach volleyball, setting a high standard for the upcoming legs of the CAVB Zone 6 tour. As the competition intensifies, all eyes will be on the formidable teams vying for victory in this prestigious tournament.




Michael Ditu