An 18-year-old male was found in possession of a loaded firearm in Dorado Park in Windhoek. 

This and other crimes happened last night as police patrolled through the streets of Katutura.

The teenager told police that he took the gun from his father's safe without permission so he could assist a friend who was involved in a heated argument. 

According to him, he only pointed the gun in the air to threaten a 16-year-old male attacker, who later overpowered him with four others and beat him up with the gun in his hands.

He was taken to Katutura Intermediate Hospital while further investigations continued.

In another incident, next to Herero Mall in Central Katutura, the police arrested two Namibian males in possession of eleven goats being transported from Mariental to Outjo.

The men claim that they did not have proof of who the goats belonged to, except that they bought them at an auction in Mariental.

Documents in their possession only cover seven of the 11 goats in their possession.

The matter has been handed over to the Katutura Police Station for further investigation.

Deputy Commissioner Chrispin Mubebo, Crime Investigations Coordinator of the Namibian Police, says that the police will be carrying out patrols every weekend for the safety of the residents.

In another incident, a man was found in possession of a panga and claimed it was for self-defence purposes, as he had just been robbed of his cell phone.

Around the same vicinity, a commotion broke out as a group of women and men demanded employment.

As the night progressed through the streets of Katutura, a 16-year-old male was found in possession of cannabis worth N$10 at Parliament Bar in Herero.

He was given a cautionary word of advice and let go.



Lucia Nghifindaka