Works and Transport Deputy Minister Veikko Nekundi visited the Okongo constituency in the Ohangwena Region to assess earth-track roads in that area.

These hard-to-navigate sandy roads are hampering development and making it difficult for communities to access schools and health centres promptly.

Deputy Minister Nekundi was informed by the Councillor of Okongo Constituency, Lebbeus Shipindo, that since independence, his constituency has never been provided with a single feeder road.

The Community of Okongo constituency is now calling on the government to expedite the process of road construction at Enyana-Olukula, Onehanga-Olukula, Oidiva-Ekoka, Ekonghola, and Okongo-Oshiti-Shahaihonya-Casablanca.

"The road infrastructure in Okongo is worse; we don't have access roads, and the geographical areas of Okongo are very bad and sandy. If you don't have a 4x4, you cannot go anywhere. That is why it forced me, as a leader of this community, to invite the Deputy Minister of Works and Transport to come, and assess the situation physically, like now we are at Oshiti-Shahaihonya," said Shipindo.

Nekundi's journey was not an easy one, as vehicles that were not 4x4 got stuck in the Epolopolo earth track road terrain.

Nekundi says the lack of access roads is not unique to the Okongo constituency, but points out that their plea did not fall on deaf ears.

"Funds are never enough, but as a central government, we have a responsibility to bring development to our people, and for that reason, I am saying I have visited the roads with my minister and the office we will engage, and the technocrats in the department dealing with the roads we will engage and see to what extent we can bring one to two roads for the people of Okongo constituency."

Three roads are being constructed in the Ohangwena Region. The District Road 3624-Omundaungilo-Omboloka is 90% complete, and it will be upgraded to a gravel road.

The Omukukutu to Omboloka District Road, stretching 32 kilometres, is awarded to a contractor, and it will be constructed this year as well.

The District Road 4119-Omulondo-Oshuuli, a 25 kilometre road in the Oshikunde constituency, will also be upgraded to a gravel road.

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Tonateni Haimbodi