The 78th session of UN General Assembly President Dennis Francis has stressed the importance of forming partnerships to advance sustainable development goals, particularly housing.

The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, in collaboration with community groups, has established partnerships aimed at funding saving initiatives to facilitate the construction of housing and improve community services.

In the 78th session of the UN General Assembly, President Dennis Francis praised Namibia's agenda to provide affordable housing. 

He specifically highlighted the contributions of the Shack Dwellers Federation and the Havana Ituyeni Group, which empower communities to build safe and affordable homes.

These initiatives, with government support, align with SDG 11's goal to achieve universal access to adequate, safe, and affordable housing and to upgrade informal settlements by 2030.

"Shelter is extremely important in life and not as easy to achieve, and that is why it is on the SDGs because in many parts of the world, people lack shelter, and we have so many street dwellers even in the richest countries in the world. The trick is how countries and communities deal with it, and it's really magical how this community has empowered itself so that we can do something about it to meet our own needs."

These groups have received over 100 million dollars in government funding.

The Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia has about 40 million dollars from the 146 community saving groups in its account.

It has built about eight thousand houses since its inception in (when), while the Havana Ituyeni Group has built 16 funded houses since its inception in (when), each costing 54 thousand dollars. 

President Francis also visited the Heroes Acre, where he laid a wreath and observed a moment of silence at the mausoleum of the late President Dr. Hage Geingob.

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Celma Ndhikwa