nbc's Kaisames FM held a pop-up broadcast community engagement at Otjomuise Shopping Centre in an effort to raise awareness about voter registration and encourage the community, especially the youth, to register to vote.

During the pop-up broadcast, community members of Otjomuise and surrounding areas turned up in numbers to interact with their favourite radio personalities.

The community was engaged in various topics and received information on the importance of voting. 

Officials from the City of Windhoek, the City Police, and the Electoral Commission of Namibia provided the community with information. 

"Kaisames has a strong relationship with its audience, and that is what sparked this day. With what is going on now in Namibia, with elections coming up, there is a lot going down, which calls for a day like this," says Kaisames Station Manager, Desre Christiaan.

The broadcast further aims at taking radio to people and interacting with listeners. 

Christiaan says Kaisames Radio continues to reinvent itself to stay relevant to its people. 

"Its important that we build an audience, a community, and retain it, and that is something Kaisames has done quite well over the years. Of course it takes a lot of research."

The community had this to say about the opportunity to engage with the radio personalities they hear daily on the radio.

Otjomuise community member Alfred !Karigab says, "I feel at ease and happy. A lot of people wanted to see the voices behind Kaisames, and they saw them today, and for that, I feel happy. Kaisames brings homes together, and for them to come out is commendable. The Otjomuise community now knows who speaks for them."

Seeing Kaisames presenters makes me happy. We only hear their voices on the radio. Therefore, such engagements are necessary. I hope they also come to my location in Goreangab," says Josephine Rooinasie.

A community member from Otjomuise, Desiree Kastoor, says, "I now know people that always speak for us and the voice of the community."

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Kaisames FM


Selima Henock