The Minister of Industrialization and Trade has called on the Oshakati Town Council to set up a recreational park for children to bring them together and nurture them into becoming responsible adults.

Lucia Iipumbu made these remarks when she officially inaugurated the revamped Oshakati Caribbean Recreational Facility.

Oshakati Caribbean was once a popular recreational facility in the 1990s, but it has since fallen into a dilapidated state and could no longer be used by the public.

The council, in 2019, set aside N$3.5 million to revamp the facility, which was completed last year.

The opening of the recreational center attracted children, young people, and adults who came to have fun and relax.

The facility can accommodate various sports codes such as mini-soccer, boot camp, volleyball, netball, and tennis.

It also offers swimming classes for children in the hope of minimizing incidents of drowning.

The facility also has a restaurant on its premises.

Iipumbu commended the Oshakati Town Council for its wise decision to rehabilitate the recreational facility, something that was missing in the town.

"As a proud product of this town, I want to leave you with one homework assignment, which is to make sure that Oshakati does not go backwards but moves forward. Oshakati can only move forward if you are giving assistance and support to the leadership of the town." 

The Management Committee Chairperson at the Oshakati Town Council, Hofeni Mutota, hopes the facility will also minimize gatherings at alcohol outlets.

"Oshakati Town Council is in the process of creating another recreation center, which is in Ekuku Park. Another one is under planning at Extension 16. The aim is to ensure that we create as many sports and recreational facilities as possible that will accommodate young people, as we can see them here today."

The opening of the facility also brought the business community together to showcase their products.

It will be managed by Aisha Investment on behalf of the Oshakati Town Council for a lease period of five years.

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