MAWLR review first quarter performance


The Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform Ministry brought together management from all 14 regions to review major activities and performance in the first quarter of this financial year.

Ministry officials are gathered at Oshakati for a week-long annual work plan and management workshop, ending on Friday.

The objective is to review what has been done in the first quarter to improve service delivery. Issues to be discussed include performance-related matters, challenges encountered, and how they can be resolved.

SOE AGM and games end


The week-long annual 9th edition of the State-Owned Enterprises Annual General Meeting which was held simultaneously with the SOE games in Oshakati, in the Oshana Region, ended yesterday.

A total of 57 SOEs were represented.

This year's Annual General Meeting for SOEs saw 57 Chief Executive Officers, along with their top executives, coming together to interact and learn from each other, as well as to deepen cooperation for the betterment of Namibia and its people.

Oshana leadership urged to refrain from corrupt practices


Oshana Governor Elia Irimari is urging the regional leadership to work together and refrain from corrupt practices.

Irimari addressed stakeholders in development at an engagement held at the Leo Shoopala Hall in Oshakati.

Irimari advised stakeholders to refrain from tendencies that could derail development or service delivery.

"Let us all reaffirm our commitment to a zero-tolerance policy on corruption. Together, let's create an environment where transparency, accountability, and ethical behaviours flourish in matters of corruption.".

Businessmen aid Police to construct a station at Onawa


Oshakati's informal settlement of Onawa has benefited from a donation of N$3,2 million from two businesses.

The funds will be used to construct a police station, which will greatly enhance the safety and security of the residents.

The two businesses, Multilever, which donated N$3 million, and Sash Trading, which donated N$200 000, say they recognised the urgent need for improved law enforcement infrastructure in the area.

Police engage community at Oshakati


The Police Inspector General, Lieutenant General Joseph Shikongo, emphasised the importance of striving towards a crime-free Namibia for the benefit of both citizens and visitors.

Lieutenant General Shikongo says a crime-free environment attracts investors, leading to economic growth and the creation of numerous opportunities, such as job creation.

Speaking at a community engagement session at Oshakati, Lieutenant General Shikongo recognised the community as a strong pillar in the fight against crime.

Rani suspends 50 employees over protest


Rani Group employees who recently participated in a demonstration spearheaded by the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters at Oshakati have been suspended. 

Employees were demanding the abolishment of the labour hire contract system. 

The protestors presented a petition highlighting several concerns, including the reduction of salaries by half when employees allegedly take leave. 

Additionally, they expressed dissatisfaction with the working conditions and claimed intimidation when airing concerns.

Oshakati Totem Expo attracts 300 exhibitors


Vice President Nangolo Mbumba emphasised the important role that exhibitions such as this play in promoting cultural heritage and driving economic activity.

The expo, he added, serves as a valuable platform for businesses to showcase their goods and services, fostering opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange.

Mbumba says that in a world where cultural heritage is being overtaken by western culture, it is a good platform to learn about various totems and the values associated with them. 

Public enterprises critical to providing public goods


Public enterprises have been critical in providing public goods, generating revenue, and increasing access to public services for the people, among others.

However, some of them have been finding the going tough and have been running at a loss, constantly requiring government bailouts.

A consultative meeting on public enterprise ownership policy was held at Oshakati in the Oshana Region.

At independence, Namibia only had 12 parastatals, but the figure now stands at 81.

NamWater makes plans to restore water in Northern regions


NamWater continues the battle to provide water to the northern regions, a situation that has severely impacted humans and livestock in especially remote rural areas.

Namwater Chief Executive Officer Abraham Nehemia says water from the canal has finally reached Oshakati for treatment before it can be distributed.

Residents were for the past month forced to travel long distances to fetch water, some for both household consumption and for their animals.