The Eastern Epukiro Farmers Association has set a new record by registering more than 980 cattle at their first auction this year in Epukiro Constituency.

In the past, the auction only attracted close to 300 animals on an auction day. 

Speaking at Omauezonjanda in Epukiro, the chairperson of the association, Katjinduu Tjahuha, attributed the increase in the number of livestock registrations to good prices and the quality of the animals.

Tjahuha says registering such a large number early in the year is an indication that the farming community understands the contribution it makes to the agricultural sector.

He is confident that, should the status quo remain, it will boost the local economy as this will keep money circulating within the constituency.

"Indeed, this is a step ahead, and one would like to have such a number in the near future as it will even assist those in other businesses such as Kapana, where they will even get three thousand at the end of the day; even local shops will benefit. This type of development is what we want to see, and I always appeal to everyone to unite."

In addition to organizing auctions, the association says it will also find ways to host farmer information days to share ideas on how to strengthen the agriculture sector as well as assist farmers with quality bulls to improve their herds.

This year, the association also pledged to support the education sector.

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Ngarije Kavari