European Union and the National Planning Commission jointly launched an Annual Action plan 2022, committing 437 million dollars for the three programs in the area of early childhood development, governance and gender.

The three programs will strengthen the bond between Namibia and the European Union. 

Foundational education is allocated N$ 291 million dollars, for governance and gender equality N$ 45,5 million and the Technical Cooperation Facility receives N$100 million.

Through the action plan, the EU Commissioner Jutta URPilanen says that the action plan will support Namibia in human development and education among others.

She says The EU will continue being a vital trade and investment partner for Namibia and  Strengthen governance and institutional capacity in the area of corruption and gender-based violence.  It aims to improve the accountability and efficiency of two key governance institutions. 

She added that Namibia will also benefit from the regional teacher program that the EU will launch in South Africa on Thursday.

The program will support the EU African partner countries in improving the working conditions and attractiveness of the teaching profession, the quality of teaching and promoting innovation. 

On behalf of the government, the Director General of the National Planning Commission Obeth Kandjoze says that Namibia is committed to investing and supporting early childhood development services and commended the EU for its support. 

The two parties also have ongoing programs in areas of stock development, human rights supportive action, community-based natural resources management and prevention of gender-based violence amongst others.

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Lucia Nghifindaka