The Swapo Party Secretary-General, Sophia Shaningwa has urged voters in Okaku Constituency to vote for her party's candidate David Fillipus in the upcoming by-election on 17 March.

The by-election became necessary following the death of Swapo Councillor Gerson Hanu Kapenda last year. 

Swapo has been in control of the constituency since independence. 

Addressing a campaign at Iindangungu Village, Shaningwa says the party needs to win the constituency to ensure that they continue with the development programme in the constituency. 

"The things that are being asked for by our electorates, if they are in the budget please make sure you do not sit on them but act swiftly to bring the much-needed development here. Let our voters not continue hating the party because of our incompetency. Let's also insure that we stop abusing the public funds and we will no longer support unclear budgets as a political biro of the Swapo Party." 

On his part, Fillipus says he has developmental plans for the constituency once elected as councillor.

"I will have an open door policy to mostly address various challenges affecting the youth. If you vote for me I will listen to your suggestions and surely I won't be sitting in the office but it's for all of us because without your input I won't be able to thrive in that position." 

Shaningwa has urged all party heads in various constituencies to stop the tendency of locking their offices and not attending to the needs and concerns of the masses who vote them into power. 

IPC, SWAPO, PDM and NEFF are expected to contest the Okaku Constituency by-election.

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SWAPO Party Youth League


Ndapanda Shuuya