Surgical eye campaign in Zambezi and Kavango


About 700 people from the Zambezi and Kavango regions are undergoing cataract surgery in Rundu.  

This annual surgical eye campaign is about improving eye health and empowering patients to lead fuller, more independent lives. 

Cataracts. a cloudy area in the lens of the eye, affects one's ability to see. 

Over 1,000 patients were screened for the surgical eye campaign in the past few months, but only 700 were booked, leaving a backlog of about 300. 

Namibian Navy deployment reduces security challenges in Zambezi


The deployment of the Namibian Navy on the Zambezi, Chobe, and Kavango rivers has reduced security challenges such as illegal border crossings, unregulated fishing, poaching, and drug smuggling, among others. 

This was said by the Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs, Frans Kapofi, during the renaming of Naval Base Impalila to Naval Base Lieutenant General John Sinvula Mutwa.

MHETI bemoans absence of some regions from National Skills Competition 


The Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Technology, and Innovation noted with concern the absence of some regions from the National Skills Competition.

Natalia |Goagoses said this during the inspection of the participating trades in the competition.

The regions that are not represented are the Kunene, Hardap, and Kavango regions, among others.

The minister says provision needs to be made to ensure that no region is left behind in development.

She further suggested that the country's identity should be portrayed in the skills competition.

Unemployed teachers accuse Education Ministry of poor leadership


Unemployed teachers from the two Kavango regions are accusing the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture of poor leadership and a lack of forward planning.

The unemployed teachers say the ministry is hampering the provision of quality education in the country.

Dressed in their graduation gowns, the group of unemployed teachers decided to voice their dissatisfaction with how the ministry of education is dealing with their plight.

NAMCOL hosts career fair in Rundu


The Namibian College for Open Learning (NAMCOL) Regional Branch in Rundu hosted a two-day career fair for high school learners from the two Kavango regions.

The career fair offers an opportunity for learners to decide what exactly they want to pursue after high school.

The two-day fair is expected to attract learners from 16 schools, where they will have the opportunity to engage with 11 exhibitors.

The exhibitors are from various academic institutions, including VTCs and health training institutions, among others.

LPM Calls for Recognition of Damara and Kavango Traditional Leaders


Landless People's Movement (LPM) leader Bernadus Swartbooi has informed the National Assembly of his intention to table a motion that would see the recognition of historical Damara and Kavango traditional leaders of the colonial resistance period of the German reign.

Swartbooi's motion will include Hompa Nyangana waMukuve of the VaGciriku, who lived and reigned from 1840 to 1924; Hompa Hiwarwa-Ithete of the VaKwangali, who lived and reigned from 1860 to the early 1903 period; and Gaob Kai Xamseb of the |Khomanin, who lived and reigned from 1812 to 1889.

Kavango OK Foods Supermarket gives away 20 cattle to its customers


Kavango OK Foods Supermarket gave away 20 cattle worth more than N$250,000 to its customers as part of its social responsibility. 

The supermarket has been giving back to its customers almost every year through competitions with all types of gifts such as cars, food vouchers, and livestock.

This year during the Cattle Bonanza competition at least three customers walked away with cattle.

The first prize winner walked away with ten heads of cattle, the second place six cattle, and the third place four cattle.

Winners were over the moon.  

Miombo Mopane Woodland eco in Kavango, Kunene basin faces extensive degradation


Miombo Mopane Woodland eco in the Kavango and Kunene Regions basin is said to be facing extensive degradation. 

This was revealed during the Launch of the Integrated Landscape Management at Rundu.

The project aims to reduce, reverse and avoid further degradation and support the sustainable use of natural resources in the mopane-miombo belt in northern Namibia.

Nghitila says the project will demonstrate how land degradation neutrality can be achieved through the adoption of sustainable integrated management of multi-use Miombo Mopane dry land.