Local authority leaders urged to avoid political affiliation 

The Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Utoni, has urged local authority leaders to avoid political affiliation when carrying out their duties.

He made the call during a joint signing ceremony of the renewal and new cooperation agreements between the City of Windhoek and 16 other local authorities.

The areas of cooperation entail solid waste and sewerage management, human resources and capacity building, economic development, as well as land and housing.

LPM maintains stance to pre-allocate land to landless Namibians

LPM has maintained its stance to pre-allocate land to landless Namibians, saying it's the only solution to the housing problem in the country.

Land delivery in Namibia requires a multi-faceted approach to ensure that every citizen has a place to build a roof over their heads.

In order to fast-track this, the Keetmanshooop Municipality started allocating land to residents at Krönlein and Tseiblaagte to a suburb.

Supreme Court reserves Minister Utoni's appeal application

The Supreme Court has reserved judgment in an appeal application by the Minister of Urban and Rural Development against an interim interdict to stop recognizing Sofia Mundjembwe Kanyetu as Hompa of the Vashambyu Tribe in the Kavango East.

The appeal comes after the High Court ruling by Justice Thomas Masuku granted the interim interdict by Maria Ukamba Haindaka, who had been nominated for the position of Hompa along with Mundjembwe Kanyetu.