PDM's Diederik Vries calls for inclusive approach in Namibia's resettlement polic


The Resettlement Policy should aim to improve the lives of landless or disadvantaged Namibians and be inclusive, irrespective of people's economic and social status.

These were the sentiments of the Popular Democratic Movement's (PDM) Diederik Vries in his contribution to the National Resettlement Policy under the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform.

The general eligibility criteria for potential beneficiaries of resettlement is the requirement to have resource ownership and access to capital.

National Assembly MPs unite in addressing food security in Namibia


National Assembly MPs have set aside their political differences to support the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) Diederik Vries' motion that calls for urgent measures to address the food security situation in the country.

The motion has been forwarded to the relevant parliamentary standing committee for further review.

Herlinde Tjiveze of the Republican Party (RP) pointed out global food insecurity as climate change effects become a reality.

She advocated for sustainable solutions.