Namibia's Herero living museum opens


Preserving and safeguarding cultural identity is vital in today's world, as it provides a sense of belonging, structure, and stability.

After four years of extensive consultation with various stakeholders, the first ever Herero Living Museum in the country opened to the public in June.

The museum is located in the Otjokavare area in the Kunene Region.

In a rapidly changing world where people adhere to different religions, it is crucial to preserve one's culture.

GIZ brings relief to Morewag Village


The GIZ Biodiversity Economy Project has rehabilitated a borehole in Morewag Village in Kunene Region. The borehole was previously operated on an old diesel generator but has now been upgraded to a high-tech solar pump.

This upgrade comes at a crucial time, following the declaration of a state of emergency due to drought.

Kunene is one of the regions most affected by drought, impacting both humans and livestock. Some community members have taken advantage of this opportunity and set up vegetable gardens next to the borehole.

GIZ develops biodiversity economy in selected areas


Almost 70 percent of the Namibian population depends on biodiversity and natural resources to earn a living. Through the GIZ Biodiversity Economy Project, GIZ has been at the forefront of biodiversity protection by supporting campsites that are developed in an environmentally friendly way.

GIZ aims to develop a biodiversity economy in selected areas and promote the benefits to inhabitants of vibrant and sustainable use of biodiversity.

#NAMIBIAVOTES2024 | Otjiwarongo residents queue up for registration despite cold weather


Residents of Otjiwarongo braved the cold weather experienced across the country to exercise their right to register for the upcoming national elections.

Otjozondjupa Governor James Uerikua was one of the first citizens to join the queues in Otjiwarongo to obtain a voter's card. 

Uerikua emphasised the importance of being a part of the decision-making processes that shape a country's future.

Dundee precious continue to invest in education


Spending on education is an investment in the learner's future, development, and eventually nation-building.

Through its corporate social responsibilities, Dundee precious metal has invested in education substantively over the years. 

Recently, they contracted COSDEC Tsumeb to manufacture chairs and desks worth close to a million dollars for schools in Tsumeb and surrounding areas.

Cataract surgical campaign in Grootfontein


The Otjozondjupa Health Directorate, in collaboration with the National Blindness Prevention Programme, is conducting a cataract surgical campaign at the Grootfontein district hospital. 

The campaign will be carried out jointly with surgical teams from the Windhoek Central Hospital and international volunteers from Germany and the US, running until May 17th.

The group is led by Dr. Helena Ndume, an internationally renowned philanthropist. 

Street vendors vital to urban economies, bringing convenience to communities


Street vendors are an integral part of urban economies, offering easy access to a wide range of affordable goods and services in public spaces or simply taking service to the people. 

With the economy taking a toll on every household, street vendors too are finding it tough to make profits from their businesses and stay afloat. 

Every day for the past 19 years, Maria Kangungu has woken up at five o'clock in the morning to sell her vegetables. 

Kangungu does not have a formal job, and that is what ignited her business in 2005.

Otjiwarongo road infrastructure worsens, urgent action needed from local authorities


Road infrastructure in Otjiwarongo continues to worsen and needs urgent intervention from the local government authorities in the town.

The municipality of Otjiwarongo entered into an agreement with the Roads Authority and the Road Fund Administration to upgrade the road network in Otjiwarongo.

Good road network infrastructure provides a convenient and efficient mode of transportation for goods and services. This, in turn, makes goods and services more accessible to a larger group, leading to increased trade and commerce.

Copper cable theft a huge concern at Okahandja


Copper cable theft has been on the rise in Namibia, causing significant problems for electricity distribution companies and the communities they serve.

The town of Okahandja has become a hotspot for this dangerous criminal activity.

In the early morning hours of Sunday, residents of Smarties extension 9 in Okahandja were awakened by a loud sound, followed by a power outage.

At sunrise, residents noticed that three copper cables had been cut from a transformer supplying power to their houses. They promptly alerted CENORED officials, who responded quickly.