Omaheke Police Commander urges strong community policing partnerships


The Omaheke Police Regional Commander, Commissioner Andreas Haingura, has called for strong community policing partnerships to help the region succeed in fighting crime.

Speaking at a meeting with station commanders and community policing crime prevention groups, Commissioner Haingura said it is high time that community members help the police combat crime.

He singled out stock theft, poaching, and housebreaking as the most prevalent in the region.

Police IG disappointed by poor performance in Kavango East


Inspector General of the Police, Joseph Shikongo, has expressed disappointment with the performance of law enforcement officers in the Kavango East Region. 

Following a visit to the region, Shikongo addressed the underperformance and outlined improvement plans.

Lieutenant General Joseph Shikongo says, that despite Kavango East being the second-largest region, there is enough manpower for effective policing. 

He pointed out police visibility as a key to combating crime.