nbc !Ah Radio Senior Producer laid to rest


nbc !Ah Radio Senior Producer, Willie Naka, was laid to rest at Sagmeel village, 70 km from Tsumkwe.

Speaking at the funeral service, Deputy Minister of Marginalised Communities, Royal |Ui|o|o, said Naka was a producer who presented Indigenous people well on the radio.

The late Naka was born and raised in Omatako and was described by mourners as a man of few words who was married to his work.

He started working at the nbc in 2003 at the !Ah radio station in Tsumkwe and was later appointed as a senior producer, a position he held till his death.

nbc mourns !Ah Radio FM producer Willie Naka


The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc) is mourning the death of the !Ah Radio FM producer, Willie Naka (40), on Wednesday.

Naka, also known as Kutima, joined the nbc in Tsumkwe on a fixed-term contract as a producer in December 2003.

He was permanently appointed as a producer in August 2009, a position he held until his death on Wednesday. 

He is lauded as one of the founding producers of !Ah Radio.

Leading Naka's tributes was a heartbroken !Ah Radio acting manager, Katrina Soroas, who praised him for his mentorship, amongst other traits.