Social justice academic urges government to speedily operationalize new Access to Information Act


A social justice academic has cautioned the government not to delay the operationalization of Namibia's new Access to Information Act, which promises to promote transparency, accountability and good governance.

Namibia's long-awaited Access to Information Act was promulgated and published in the Government Gazette in December last year. 

The law provides the right of access to information to both public and private entities. 

However, the provisions of this statute are yet to be operationalized.

Police, municipal officials called to respect rights of informal traders


The time has come for law enforcement and municipalities in the country to respect the rights of informal traders and treat these individuals with respect.

These are the sentiments of Human rights lawyer and consultant John Nakuta who spoke on the ill-treatment often meted out to informal traders whilst launching the operational guidelines for the Code of Conduct compiled for Namibia's informal economy.