Omaheke police applaud holiday makers for good behaviour


Police in the Omaheke Region have expressed gratitude to the region's residents and holidaymakers for abiding by the laws during the festive season.

Acting Regional Commander, Deputy Commissioner Jacxon Kamwangha, says the region is one of those that records low crime rates throughout the year.

It's the festive season, and the streets of Gobabis, the region's capital, are mostly empty as many of the town's residents have travelled to villages to spend time with their loved ones.

INTERVIEW | Safety on the beach


Swakopmund is one of the preferred holiday destinations in the country, and with its pleasant weather, it is impossible to stay indoors. 

When the scorching sun comes out, many are drawn to the beach to cool off or enjoy activities such as volleyball and beach soccer.
However, safety at the beach is vital for those wishing to take a dive into the ocean. 

nbc's reporter Stefan |Uirab spoke to lifeguard Jonas Sheyavali.

Windhoek Empty as Residents Travel for Holidays


Windhoek seems somewhat deserted as many of the capital's residents, as a norm, travel from mid-December to mid-January, to other parts of the country to celebrate the festive holiday season.

The lack of smoke at the braai stands and the sound of sizzling meat on coals make it evident that Windhoek residents have indeed left the buzz of the city after a long year to spend time with their loved ones.

At this popular City of Windhoek park, widely known as Goreangab Dam, only one family is out relaxing, with their children enjoying the entire playground to themselves.

Holiday makers cautioned to take care of environment and avoid wildlife crimes


The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism urges the public to follow guidelines to keep themselves secure and safe during the festive season and to ensure that wildlife crimes, and poaching incidences, in particular, do not occur during this holiday.

The Environment Ministry's Spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda during an interview with nbc's GMN programme said, holidaymakers venturing into places populated by wildlife should consider environmental sustainability. 

Muyunda also expressed concern over littering by holidaymakers.