Police in the Omaheke Region have expressed gratitude to the region's residents and holidaymakers for abiding by the laws during the festive season.

Acting Regional Commander, Deputy Commissioner Jacxon Kamwangha, says the region is one of those that records low crime rates throughout the year.

It's the festive season, and the streets of Gobabis, the region's capital, are mostly empty as many of the town's residents have travelled to villages to spend time with their loved ones.

The police, however, are working around the clock to ensure the safety of holidaymakers and property.

Crime in the region is manageable, says the acting police regional chief, but there are isolated incidences.

"Omaheke region is a cattle country; the crime that is well-known in the region is stock theft, but during this festive season, we have not recorded any cases of stock theft. Apart from the cases that are popping up, common assault, and also commercial crime, when we talk about commercial crime, we talk about ATM fraud, somebody's withdrawals, and e-wallets. Somebody can come and say, I want to make a call from your phone, but he just wants to check if there is an  e-wallet.The moment they know the person has an e-wallet, it is forwarded to another, and the money is withdrawn."

Most affected by this scam are farm workers who are not well acquainted with banking technology, he says.

The region recorded a slight increase in cases of common assault, mostly among friends, after having a few drinks together.

Deputy Commissioner Kamwangha says to drastically reduce the crime rate, active community involvement is required in reporting and assisting the police to apprehend suspects.

"Any other person, a law-abiding citizen, who can see that this is happening in his or her presence and then can report, but when it comes to the crime prevention forum, we are very low; our people do not want to come up and join this forum; we are trying our best, but really, we are having only a lot of reservists, mostly our farm owners; they are really helping; we have the Easter crime forum and the Nossob crime forum, this side of Witvlei."

The region has not recorded any road accidents or fatalities since the launch of the festive season, and no fines have been issued for drunken driving either.

"Those who are visiting Omaheke, please adhere to the rules of the road and the rules and laws of this country, and also please be safe; there is nothing threatening in the corners of Omaheke."

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