Omaheke Police Commander urges strong community policing partnerships


The Omaheke Police Regional Commander, Commissioner Andreas Haingura, has called for strong community policing partnerships to help the region succeed in fighting crime.

Speaking at a meeting with station commanders and community policing crime prevention groups, Commissioner Haingura said it is high time that community members help the police combat crime.

He singled out stock theft, poaching, and housebreaking as the most prevalent in the region.

Omaheke discusses solutions to natural disasters


The Omaheke regional leadership has proposed resilient-related programmes to assist in the event of disasters like drought, fire outbreaks, and hailstorms, amongst others. 

This was shared during a consultative engagement with the Deputy Prime Minister, John Mutorwa, at Gobabis in the Omaheke Region. 

The regional leaders noted more needs to be done, although the government has been doing well in assisting communities with drought relief measures like food distribution and livestock subsidies.

Learners from various schools attend school holiday in Omaheke


More than 400 Grade 11 and Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS) learners from various schools nationwide participated in two weeks of school holiday classes at Epukiro Senior Secondary School aimed at enhancing their academic performance. 

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the two-week school holidays, Omaheke Education Director Constance Wantenaar emphasised that the ministry is dedicated to ensuring that learners improve their academic results.

Wantenaar stressed the importance of discipline and hard work.

#NAMIBIAVOTES2024 | Omaheke registration teams satisfied with the process


The Regional Electoral Officer in Omaheke, Josef Amwaandi, is pleased with the ongoing general voter registration in the region, despite some challenges from the systems on which the IT department is working. 

Amwaandi pointed out that work started off well in the region, minus a few hiccups encountered in the system, particularly by teams working in remote areas.

Amwaandi added that so far, the region has recorded more than 2,000 eligible voters. 

NamPower Foundation assists schools in Omaheke


The NamPower Foundation has spent N$1.3 million to renovate a computer laboratory at C. Heuva Secondary School and a laundry room with new industrial washing and tumble dryer machines at Motsomi Primary School.

The Chairperson of the NamPower Foundation, Dr. Simeon Amunkete, stressed the importance of the foundation assisting the education fraternity, especially in hygiene and social welfare. 

More than 200 livestock cases recorded in Omaheke since February


Theft and livestock theft are on the increase in the Omaheke Region, with more than 200 cases recorded since May.

The Head of Community Policing Sub-division Chief Inspector Fina Sakajengenga said though the force is working tirelessly to curb criminal activities, there are roadblocks from some members of the public.

The Chief Inspector said theft, robbery, housebreaking, and stock theft have become daily occurrences, and the community needs to come on board.

Farmers in Omaheke mark Crop Farmers Day


Despite challenges such as limited resources and unfavourable weather patterns, crop farmers in the Omaheke Region are making some strides in producing enough produce for markets.

Farmers held their annual Crop Farmers Day at Farm Du Plessis in the Okorukambe Constituency.

Omaheke Crop Farmers Day Chairperson Ratonda Katjivikua pointed out that the region has been known as a cattle country, but crop farmers have since incorporated crop farming for both consumption and the markets.

Omaheke residents propose changes to Delimitation and Demarcation Commission


Residents of the Omaheke Region who attended the Delimitation and Demarcation Commission consultations have suggested several boundaries to the commission.

The commission is in the Omaheke Region to assess the boundaries of the region and its constituencies. 

The Chairperson of the Commission, Acting Judge Petrus Unengu, explained that the consultations were critical to assisting the Commission in formulating recommendations that might shape regional development. 

The factual information provided is therefore important. 

NSI engages the public on Metrology Act


The Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) is engaging key stakeholders on the significance of the Metrology Act of 2022.

The law is concerned with measurements and their influence on economic transactions, human health, and the environment.

Speaking at the information event in Gobabis, the Head of Metrology at the NSI, Simasiku Matali, explained that the Act to be introduced soon will provide for the administration and supervision of metrology.