Fishrot accused continue petition for Judge Chinhengo's recusal


Lawyer Mbanga Siyoumunji, who is representing the Fishrot accused, Nigel van Wyk, says his client has exhausted all avenues regarding the recusal of Judge Moses Chinhengo.

Van Wyk petitioned the Supreme Court after Judge Chinhengo declined Van Wyk's application for his recusal and subsequently denied his leave to appeal.

The matter was dismissed last week. 

However, the petition was also rejected by the appeal judges of the Supreme Court, Sylvester Mainga and Elton Hoff, and the acting judge of appeal, Theo Frank.

MIT Minister unveiled Customer Service Charter


The Minister of Industrialization and Trade, Lucia Ipumbu, has unveiled the ministry's Customer Service Charter.

Ipumbu says the initiative demonstrates the Ministry's commitment to excellence, transparency, and accountability.

The Customer Service Charter outlines the standards of service that the public can expect, from responsiveness to inquiries and complaints to integrity in interactions.

20 Political Parties Registered with ECN


With the Presidential and National Assembly Elections slated for November 27, there are currently twenty (20) registered political parties with the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN). 

The ECN deregistered the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) and Christian Democratic Voice (CDV) in June this year.

The NEFF has had two seats in the National Assembly since March 2020, while the CDV has had one seat.

The registered parties are:

Otjimbingwe community demands Chief Seibeb step down


A community meeting held at Otjimbingwe ended prematurely after community members became physical.

This comes after Tsoaxudama Traditional Authority Chief Josua Seibeb rejected the community's request for him to step down.

The community of Otjimbingwe took to the streets last month, demanding the removal of Chief Josua Seibeb, who was coronated in 2022.

They want Chief Seibeb to resign and make way for the election of another leader, whom they claim will address their challenges.

Judge Munsu to deliver ruling in Tamson Hatukulipi’s bail application


High Court Judge David Munsu will deliver his ruling on whether he will entertain a bail application filed by Tamson Hatuikulipi, one of the men accused in the biggest fishing corruption scandal in Namibia, tomorrow.

The bail application was filed at the High Court based on new facts, Munsu heard on Tuesday.

Young women in Khomasdal Constituency trained in goat rearing


Concord Young Women in Business kicked off a seminar focusing on goat rearing and information and communication technology for young women and school-going girls in the Khomasdal Constituency.

The seminar in Windhoek, which aims to empower participants with essential skills for personal and professional growth, is part of a broader initiative to support women's advancement through practical skill development.