The Kunene Regional Governor, Marius Sheya, has urged the public to refrain from taking disturbing videos.

Sheya made these remarks during the handover of materials and food parcels worth more than N$78,000 by the Japanese Embassy to the Kazetjindire Angelika Muharukua Maternity waiting home in Opuwo.

Sheya was making reference to the video of an expecting mother who gave birth in front of the Opuwo district hospital, highlighting that the woman was in labor while on the way to the hospital.

"I find it very disgusting when citizens do not know how they are invading people's privacy first, how they are damaging people's dignity, when they take videos of this magnitude and post them, thinking you are exposing, when in fact you are not exposing anything. Apparently civil servants, and sometimes they don't even understand the circumstances of this particular activity or event happening."

Sheya noted that the incident was the first in five years.

He commended the Ministry of Health and Social Services for the construction of the facility in the area.

"I think this should be the first time in the past five years that this has happened, and we must say thank you. It is because of this facility, and it's because of the Ministry of Health's prompt response when there is a need. Mostly, people who do these things turn out to be people who are sometimes in the establishment when these activities happen and are employees instead of helping."

Karikuta van Der Merwe is an expectant mother at the Kazetjindire Angelika Muharukua maternity waiting home, and she had this to say: "As we are expecting mothers at this maternity waiting home, this is a blessing to the Kunene region; it has kept so many pregnant women safe and has improved maternal health. Some of us are coming from rural areas, so it would be difficult for us to find accommodation in town and go to the hospital for checkups. This waiting home has made pregnancy a stress-free process for many women and has made sure we have safe deliveries."

Expecting mothers each received food parcels and dignity kits.

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