The Road Fund Administration and Roads Authority say they are determined to ensure that the Katima Mulilo roads and national roads leading to neighboring countries are rehabilitated to the required standard.

The two entities signed a cooperation agreement with municipalities and town councils recently.

The Road Fund Administration has entered into an agreement with the Katima Mulilo Town Council to ensure the rehabilitation of key roads in the town, namely Dr. Sam Nujoma Drive and Hage Geingob Avenue.

Its CEO, Ali Ipinge, says this development will only bear fruit with the backing of the Roads Authority in terms of design standards and supervision to ensure that there is value for money.

"And this MoU between ourselves, the Roads Authority, and any other local authority that we are going over and above the annual allocation will attend to specific needs. I must also just add that we recently concluded discussions with the Walvis Bay Municipality to address the key challenges as we try to ensure that we have a key corridor, particularly the Trans Zambezi corridor to the Port of Walvis Bay, that corridor should be in good condition."

Funding towards road infrastructure will be increased to ensure that residents in different towns can drive on safer and better roads.

Roads Authority CEO Conrad Lutombi pledged to technically support the implementation of the two roads.

"We are at an advanced stage in terms of our deliberations with the town council; we have a technical team to deal with such issues, and of course, we are also going to include the representative from RFA so that the two institutions work together, and once all parties are in agreement, we will sign it and see the implementations as soon as possible."

Lutombi says the 20-kilometer road from Kongola to Katima Mulilo also needs attention, and the Roads Authority will attend to it after the rehabilitation of the Rundu Divundu road.

"As part of our intervention within the town of Katima, we have also noticed the congestion between the weigh bridge and the link to the border; therefore, we are working on the request of the town council to put the traffic lights at the turn-off to Sam Nujoma, but just in front of the weigh bridge, we are going to construct a two plus one carriageway so that we can resolve the problem of decongestion in that area. We have already completed the design, and we will be having the constructor very soon."

Katima Mulilo's Chief Executive Officer, Raphael Liswaniso, says the town's roads will be constructed soon, using interlocks.



Sililo Mubiana