President Hage Geingob has conferred an official funeral on the late Abisai Uetuesapi Mungendje.

This was announced by the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MICT).

Mungendje died on the 9th of this month, aged 99.

Mungendje's memorial service took place at Toasis in the Aminuis Constituency of Omaheke on Saturday.

He was born on August 14, 1924, in the Waterberg area.

His father, Mbujatuzuu Hijaputi Mungendje, and mother, Kondorokee Penina Mungendje, were displaced during the 1904–1908 Ovaherero and Nama genocide.

Mungendje was part of a group of 154 freedom fighters sent into exile by Chief Hosea Kutako to take up arms for the liberation of Namibia.

Shortly before his death, he was entrusted to oversee the sacred shrine at the Chief Hosea Kutako Homestead at Toasis.

Mungendje was known as the patron of the Mungunda clan, a divine priest, a nationalist, and a veteran of Namibia's liberation struggle.

His burial will take place on Sunday at the Toasis village.

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Namibian Presidency


Blanche Goreses and Catherine Sasman