The MTC Windhoek Fashion Week Director, Kalistu Mukoroli, has encouraged parents to allow their children to pursue careers in the art industry.

Mukoroli says as the country continues to face economic challenges and a high unemployment rate, young people need to be encouraged to take up art as a career.

He hosted master classes, where learners were taught how to make the most of their talent.

With the help of a designer, learners were paired with Fashion Meets Sounds, which seeks to identify young, bright designers at various schools.

"We have one of the best content creators, some of the best fashion designers, and some of the best musicians that are doing music as a career, and it's working, and their lives are changed in a way that we are able to use our talents to make money. People on TikTok are making money, it is time that parents understand that young kids can use their talent to make money and to make a career out of it."

The project also intends to support rising musicians and sound engineers.

"We are running a young creative program as well, so the young program runs in a way that we are going to schools and we tell the children at school to come up with a design, and then we will make that come to life; we will get a designer to make that gown so that we know how the talent is going forward."

The project's goal is to host a mixer where local musicians, sound engineers, and designers can mingle and have a discussion on how their different fields relate to one another.

The MTC Windhoek Fashion Week team will visit all the country's 14 regions to identify young people, budding musicians, and fashion designers.

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