The Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations, and Employment Creation, Utoni Nujoma, has added his voice to a motion in the National Assembly for the establishment of a Genocide Memorial Museum to honor victims of the 1904-08 Herero-Nama genocide.

He however pleaded with his fellow MPs to have unity in mind when they debate this important motion.

"The most important thing is that we must use this tragic history—the tragedy of the Genocide, the tragedy of colonialism, the tragedy of apartheid, and imperialism—that has divided us to unite us. It is through unity that we managed to defeat colonialism; it was because of unity. That is why we have the Heroes' Acre. And that's where we buried everyone: Herero, Damara, and Nama. And that's what we must have at the back of our minds. This nation is heavily divided, and we continue to promote tribalism. Why not if there is a genocide museum to depict as a whole the whole of history going through the stages that we have gone through of liberation? That is the only thing."

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Lahia Hatutale