Former Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister Bernhardt Esau informed Judge David Munsu that his health condition has worsened after his incarceration at the Windhoek Correctional Facility.

Esau, who is applying for bail, informed Munsu that the facility does not have the capacity to provide proper care to those who suffer from chronic illnesses.

He has been admitted to the Lady Pohamba private hospital twice now; his hospital stay came at a time when his bail application was set to resume.

Esau informed Justice Munsu that he suffers from hypertension, arthritis, and a heart condition.

On February 21, Esau allegedly collapsed at the Windhoek Correctional Facility, and because of the limited resources at the facility's health center, he had to be taken to the private medical center.

For two years after his incarceration, Esau has not been taking the required medication for his medical condition.

The former minister says, should he be granted bail, he would be better placed to take care of his health and change to a healthier diet.

The state has charged Esau, accusing him of amending sections in the Marine Resources Act that deal with fishing quotas to benefit his co-accused and other non-right holders, but Esau laments that the state's allegations are malicious.

He informed the court that he acted on the recommendation of the Marine Resources Advisory Council.

Esau also rejected the testimony of his co-accused, James Hatuikilipi, who, during his failed bail application, informed the court that Bernhard Esau gave him instructions on how to allocate quotas under the Governmental Objectives.

Esau and Nigel Van Wyk are the last of the Fishrot accused to seek bail.

Van Wyk, while maintaining his innocence in the matter before the court, during his cross-examination, accused the office of the Prosecutor General of selective, biased, and unfair prosecution.

He also accused the Prosecutor General of attempting to lure him into a plea bargain where he would implicate his co-accused, former Justice Minister Sacky Shanghala.

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