The Namibia Deposit Guarantee Authority (NDGA) launched its three year strategic plan, covering 2023 to 2025 in Windhoek. 

The strategic plan will ensure effective collaboration among stakeholders and continuous public engagement. 

The Namibia Deposit Guarantee Authority aims to protect small depositors from losing their savings, by compensating them in the event of a commercial bank failure. 

Other objectives are to grow the deposit guarantee fund in a prudent manner, to enhance processes and systems that ensure that they remain efficient and cost effective in their operational activities as well as to promote a reputable brand. 

Launching the strategic plan was the Chairperson of the NDGA Board Ebson Uanguta who thanked his fellow board members for crafting the strategy in a most cost efficient and cost effective manner.  

The NDGA was established in 2020 under the Namibia Deposit Guarantee Act.

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Namibia Deposit Guarantee Authority


July Nafuka