Following the Together As One Part 9 Independence boxing bonanza that took place over the weekend, a controversial aspect of the bout between Charles Shinima and Angolan Hendriques Lando has been the topic of heated debate. 

Boxing promoter Nestor Tobias, who shared more details on what lead to the judges' final decision.

The two International bouts that took center stage at the Together As One Part 9 boxing bonanza raised numerous questions among members of the public.

Some believes that WBO Welterweight Champion Charles Shinima did not deserve to win the fight against Angolan International Hendriques Lando, as Lando hit Shinima with a powerful punch that was followed up with a headbutt that knocked Shinima to the canvas before the bell went off.

Former boxer Nestor Tobias explained what transpired as well as what lead to the judges' decision of declaring Shinima as the winner.

Another International bout took place between Paulinus "John John" Ndjolonimus and last minute replacement, Dickson Saidi, from Malawi in which ended by TKO in the 4th round.

Some said that Saidi was not a suitable opponent for Ndjolonimus. Tobias cleared the air in this regard, too. 

Overall Tobias considered the boxing bonanza a success and thanked supporters for coming in numbers.



Victorine Kaaronda