For those that might find it a challenge to paint or draw, joining a sketch and sip session might just bring out the inner artist in you.

The combination of art and wine, creative artist,  Alina Mateke says, might not be a cup of tea for many, but through Sketch and Sip, she says, a few are starting to discover their inner creativity.

Mateke was born in Zambia and is a student at the University of Namibia. 

For her anyone can be an artist, but the question is how many are willing to get out of their comfort zone.

Her cozy guided paint sessions cater to the beginners and artistically inclined.

"I host these paint and wine events where you can come and relax and just do some painting its a good place for some network it's a good place to drink some wine if you are more of a creative person it's a good way to explore some different creative avenues if you have tried some of the other arts you can try painting  as well if you have never done any painting before that is also fine because this class is for beginners and we will guide you from the beginning all the way up to the end."

Participants came from all walks of life but shared a common desire that through art, anyone can express their latent talents.
Each participant at the end of the session walks away with their own artistic creation.



Natangwe Jimmy