The Rundu Intermediate Hospital has awarded a certificate of appreciation to its High Care Unit.

This came after the department took first place overall in service delivery at the hospital.

The pediatric unit and the pre-mature unit came in second and third place, respectively.

The Rundu Intermediate Hospital used International Nurses Day to award the best department as a way of boosting the morale of the nurses to perform their calling effectively.

The senior registered nurse and the head of the Intensive Care Unit, Conzetha Shaningua, said nurses also need to be supported and motivated in order for them to deliver on the oath they took to uphold.

Shaningua, who could not hide her joy, encouraged other departments to embrace the notion of teamwork.

"We are very happy and proud to receive this award. What we did differently is that we are treating our patients holistically; we don't discriminate, and we have a very strong teamwork culture in this ward. We take care of our patients from head to toe."

The Chief Medical Officer and Acting Medical Superintendent, Dr. Medson Chibwe, called on nurses to work hard amidst challenges.

He said nurses must promote good behaviour and tidiness, focus on patients first, and minimise the use of gadgets that are of no use to patients.

"In addition, I would also like to discourage the following, which I believe is not in line with the nursing profession: the excessive usage of mobile phones. Again, a lot of the time, nurses will get comfortable on their phones while patients need their assistance. This shows rudeness, lack of respect, and disregard for the patients you took an oath to care for."

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MICT Kavango West