Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila has urged Namibians to continue prioritizing safety measures for COVID-19.

The Premier was speaking during the inauguration of the COVID-19 isolation facility at Andara Hospital in the Kavango East Region.
Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila says the government's response to COVID-19 was not only to deal with the pandemic and its effects but also to strengthen efforts to address existing developmental challenges.

"Now that COVID-19 is no longer an emergency in Namibia but it's still lingering around the world while we need to maintain the ability to respond in case it returns we will also not leave this facility ideal it will be put to a different use in order to promote quality public health care services, and it is my hope that we are going to make optimal use of it."

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the Kavango East Region, more than 7300 confirmed cases were recorded.

"This hospital also recorded a high number of COVID-19 infections and was instrumental in treating and caring for hundreds of Namibians who needed care at the pic of the pandemic statistics show that Kavango East Region recorded 7316 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 of this number 607 cases where recorded here in the Andara district 600 cases recovered successfully but unfortunately seven people perished due to COVID-19 in the andara districts."

Dr. Shangula says Namibia recorded its last COVID-19 death last year in September, and new infections are still recorded in some parts of the country, mainly in the Khomas Region. 

Shangula wants the Kavango East Region to do more to reach the set national target for vaccinations.

An oxygen-generating plant for Andara Hospital has also been acquired, and the hospital is soon to receive a new backup generator.



Elizabeth Mwengo