Digital Pocket Guide Launched to Improve Service Delivery

Civil servants have been encouraged to embrace technology and leverage the newly launched "Being a Public Servant in Namibia" Digital Pocket Guide 2.0 to improve service delivery.

Embracing digital technology has been identified as a key tool for improving effective service delivery and social justice. 

The digital version of the Pocket Guide will see the strengthening of institutions, governance, and capacity as civil servants will be better positioned to navigate the complexities of their roles to meet the needs of Namibia's public service.

Disasters don't discriminate - Kuugongelwa-Amadhila

Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila says disasters, whether natural or human-induced, know no boundaries, nor do they discriminate based on social, economic, or geographic factors.

She made these remarks at the commemoration of the International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction, held at Uukwangula Settlement in Oshana Region's Okatana Constituency.

Kuugongelwa-Amadhila says catastrophes affect the most vulnerable and marginalised communities, who often lack the capacity to cope with and effectively recover from such crises.

SOEs not compelled to seek approval on subsistence & travel allowances 

Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila says state-owned enterprises (SOE) are governed by their own laws, and there's no requirement for them to report subsistance and travel allowances to her office.

Kuugongelwa-Amadhila was responding to questions raised by Landless People's Movement MP Utaara Mootu on why ministers are given such allowances by parastatals.

Mootu inquired specifically about the Minister of Higher Education, Technology, and Innovation, Dr. Itah Kandji-Murangi, who allegedly received S&T allowances in July last year.

Ehao Cultural Expo underway

Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila says cultural exhibitions are vital for society as they play a huge role in preserving and promoting Namibian cultures, safeguarding people's identities, and at the same time attracting local and international tourism.

She made these remarks when she officially opened the Ehao Cultural Expo underway at Okahao.

Kuugongelwa-Amadhila says cultural products are important contributors to business growth.

At the same time, indigenous technologies can serve as a basis for industrial development.

PM urges stakeholders to participate in implementation of NDP6

Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila has called on all stakeholders to participate in the formulation and implementation of the Sixth National Development Plan (NDP6).

NDP6 is the last development plan to be implemented before Vision 2030.

Kuugongelwa-Amadhila made the call at the launch of the NDP6 formulation process in Windhoek.

Kuugongelwa-Amadhila noted that the NDP6 is significant as it comes at a time when the world is experiencing unprecedented challenges.

Robust regulatory framework concerning sustainable finance laws, regulations a need

Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila has highlighted the necessity of a robust regulatory framework concerning sustainable finance laws and regulations in Namibia.

This framework would promote responsible investment, cognizant of environmental, social, and governance factors.

The Prime Minister made this call during the United Nations Environment Programme-Finance Initiative (UNEP-FI) Regional Roundtable for Africa and the Middle East, which took place in Windhoek.

Prime Minister Kuugongelwa-Amadhila emphasise importance of unity among Namibians

Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila has emphasised the importance of unity among Namibians, stating that it is the key to achieving prosperity for all.

She made these remarks during the 127th commemoration of the Battle of Otjiunda.

The Premier also took the opportunity to honour the late chief of the Ovambanderu, Kahimumua Nguvaua, describing him as a courageous and fearless leader.

Premier calls for a shift away from dependence on imports

Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila is urging a shift away from dependence on imports in Namibia, emphasising the importance of supporting locally made products to stimulate economic growth.

Kuugongelwa-Amadhila, who addressed the attendees at the 10th Jubilee Opuwo Trade Fair, says purchasing local products plays a crucial role in supporting local enterprise development, promoting job creation, and driving economic expansion.

According to the Prime Minister, relying heavily on imports exposes Namibia to potential shocks originating from external factors.

There are still vulnerable children who do not have support - Premier

Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila is concerned that despite the government's welfare programme, there are still vulnerable children who do not have support.

Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said this during a fundraising dinner for orphans and vulnerable children at Divundu in the Mukwe Constituency. 

The premier pointed out that government has in the past financial year provided grants to close to 200,000 senior citizens.

50,000 people with disabilities and over 8,000 have been assisted through a "conditional basic income grant to the tune of N$5 million. 

Prime Minister affirms government's continued commitment to social investment

The government allocates billions of dollars every year towards monthly allowances for old-age pensions, people living with disabilities, and other social safety nets.

Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila reflected on the government's social investments during a belated independence celebration at Mbambi village in the Mukwe Constituency.

Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila stated that the allocations have benefited about one million Namibians and the aim is to reduce poverty in Namibia.