Namibians joined the rest of the world in celebrating International Nurses Day.

The day is aimed at celebrating the remarkable contributions of nurses worldwide and honouring their tireless dedication and selfless commitment to healthcare.

This day also offers an opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable role that Namibian nurses play in promoting national well-being.

Retired Nurse Cecily Petersen, who was the keynote speaker at the occasion, urged nurses to be patient and show love towards patients at all times.

"We, as nurses, must try to be role models, to be good examples, and to do good to our patients. Nurses should always make patients feel comfortable. They must fulfil the basic needs, like keeping the patient clean and keeping them happy and pain-free."

Nurses were also described as selfless professionals who sacrifice their lives to protect and care for the next person and as comforters for those who are alone.

Senior Medical Superintendent Dr. Saara Shalongo acknowledged the effort and sacrifice the nurses put in to provide quality care with limited resources.

Shalongo says this celebration is dedicated to long-serving nurses to celebrate and recognise their dedication and efforts.

"We say to our nurses, your passion for our patients is appreciated every day.  Your compassion, optimism, kindness, and, above all, professionalism towards patients under your care do not go unnoticed. It is a fact that even with the challenges facing our country, you have proven resilient and have continued to deliver nursing services to our people. It is because of you that we live in a happy and healthy world."

The day is commemorated under the theme "Our Nurses, Our Future" and was sponsored by Standard Bank.

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Namibian Presidency


Lucy Nghifindaka