The Cocoma Primary School now has two additional classrooms, thanks to Bekikumata Fishing Company. 

Deputy Prime Minister Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah received the classrooms at Kakekete village in Kavango East's Ndiyona Constituency.

The classrooms were constructed at a cost of about N$700,000.

Cocoma Primary has a learner population of more than 200, with only two classrooms and a storeroom turned into the principal's office.

Nandi-Ndaitwah says the donation compliments government efforts to make education accessible to every Namibia child.

"First and foremost to ensure that each and every Namibian has access to education, I am happy that closer to 98% of Namibian children today have access to education, but we know the challenge we are faced with of quality education, and that's why you hear our leaders in education are busy at work to find out solutions for us to make sure that we have quality education."  

Nandi-Ndaitwah also revealed that 67 classrooms will be constructed in the Kavango East Region this financial year.

"As we are talking now and the governor confirmed the constructions have started and this is including six ablution blocks our government does listen but we have to understand the resources are not there as we want them to be there." 

Bekikumata Board Deputy Chairperson Josephine Nekongo says her company took a decision to make Cocoma its flagship social responsibility programme.

"I can promise you honorable DPM our MD Mr. Likoro has already started with communication out to our stakeholders and smart partnership in the realization of this goal."

She says the company has invested N$1,8 million into social responsibility since its establishment three years ago.

Castrobos Investments, Bekikumata's operator, donated N$200,000 to Cocoma Primary.

Bekikumata also donated N$100,000 to support the community hostel and the school feeding programme.



Chris Kupulo