MPs in the National Assembly have expressed deep concern over the deteriorating state of the Walvis Bay Police Station building and that of the officers' living quarters.

The Walvis Bay Police Station, constructed in 1971, serves as the location for the Erongo Police Regional Headquarters.

The station commander at the Walvis Bay Police Station, Inspector Patrick Muhita, expressed to the parliamentarians that the infrastructure of the facility is deteriorating.

Additionally, limited space poses challenges in terms of providing adequate working conditions for staff, who are responsible for two important offices within the station.

During their visit to the sleeping quarters of police officers, the parliamentarians were taken aback by the conditions they witnessed. Particularly concerning was the accommodation provided for female police officers housed at the NAMFI hostel.

To address these challenges, the construction of a police village was suggested as a viable solution.

Commissioner Muhita also informed the parliamentarians that there is a significant shortage of officers at the Walvis Bay Police Station, and this shortage is severely impacting the station's operations.



Renate Rengura