Stakeholders in Zambezi call for urgent revamp of various animal quarantines


The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Economics and Public Administration has completed its two-day visit to the Zambezi Region.

The committee, headed by member of parliament Sebastiaan Karupu, explained the visit was a result of petitions by civil society organisations that complained about the standard of abattoirs and quarantine facilities in the northern communal areas (NCAs) and the urgent need to revive livestock markets in said areas.

Namibia hails removal of Cuba from State Sponsors of Terrorism list


The Namibian government has welcomed the removal of Cuba from the list of countries not fully cooperating against terrorism by the United States Department of State.

The Executive Director at the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation says Namibia has taken note with concern of the continued placement of Cuba on the State Sponsors of Terrorism (SST) list.

Four more constituencies proposed for Kavango West


The Kavango West Region has requested four additional constituencies to improve service delivery.

The proposal was handed to the Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission at Nkurenkuru during public consultation.

The Kavango West Region was established during the 4th Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission in 2013, with Nkurenkuru being its capital and only local authority. 

Kavango West is 92% rural, with only 8% of its population residing in urban areas. 

Namibia and China businesses urged to partner in health sector


President Nangolo Mbumba has called for professional partnerships between Namibian businesses and Chinese counterparts in the health sector. 

Dr. Mbumba received a courtesy call from the delegation from AIDEA Pharma, a high-tech pharmaceutical company, at State House.

Among others, the China-based AIDEA Pharma company aims to accelerate drug innovation with a rigorous scientific attitude. 

According to Dr. Heliang Fu, the chairman of AIDEA Pharma, the strong focus is on the major diseases that seriously threaten human health. 

Kavango East officials attend public relations and media management training


The Executive Director of the Ministry of Information, Communication, and Technology (MICT) has urged the Kavango East Regional Council's leadership to build communication skills with effectiveness and improve productivity.

Dr. Audrin Mathe made this call during a public relations and media management workshop in Windhoek.

The long-week engagement's objective is to oversee distribution and analysis, ensuring that communication efforts align with the goals set by organisations and resonate with the target audience.

Ronelle Rademeyer hailed a trailblazer in media industry


Ronelle Rademeyer, the former secretary-general (SG) of the Editors Forum of Namibia (EFN), who died on Monday evening, has been hailed as a trailblazer in the media industry by those in the political and media fraternities. 

Rademeyer, a veteran journalist and former news editor of Republikein newspaper who passed away on Monday evening, is known as a very committed journalist who lived by the words ‘the news must go out.’

Rademeyer started the AgriMonitor section of the Network Media Hub and is widely remembered as kind, empathetic, fearless, and loyal.

Police record 12 incidents of baby dumping in three months


Between January and March 2024, the police recorded 12 incidents of baby dumping.

This the police say is alarming, as there are a number of authorised places, such as schools, hospitals, and churches, where mothers can leave a newborn without being charged.

This adds to the tally of over 50 infants dumped in 2023.

The trend is worrisome for authorities and child rights activists, considering the new childcare act makes provision for new mothers to leave infants in the care of authorised persons.

Ban on poultry meat import from South Africa lifted


The Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform has announced the resumption of the importation of poultry meat from South Africa to Namibia.

This was revealed in a notice issued by the Directorate of Veterinary Services.

The Ministry says it should be noted that only poultry meat derived from live poultry originating from bio-secure poultry farms, as listed by the Veterinary Authority of South Africa, will be permitted to be imported into Namibia.

Namibia, Angola to review and renew agreements


Namibia and Angola have agreed to review and renew some of their agreements.

This was resolved during the Senior Officials Meeting that was held ahead of the Inaugural of the Bi-National Commission in Angola. 

A legal audit determined that Namibia and Angola have about sixty agreements in different sectors. 

The meeting reviewed different agreements between the two countries and the relevance of some of the agreements, both those that expired and those that needed renewal.

Namibia condemns coup attempt in DRC


Namibia says it remains resolute in its stance on zero tolerance for acceding to power through unconstitutional means, in line with the principles of the African Union, the AU Constitutive Act, and the African Charter on Democratic Elections and Governance.

The instruments call for the condemnation and rejection of an unconstitutional change of governments and are in agreement with the AU's commitment to "Silencing the Guns in Africa."