A school principal at Vergenoeg Primary School in Kalahari Constituency, Kaituara Kazapua, has called upon all stakeholders to assist in developing rural schools.

Speaking to nbc News, Kazapua highlights that a lack of modern hostel facilities and transportation at the school negatively impacts the educational process.

Kazapua emphasised that education is a shared responsibility, and therefore, community support is paramount.

The school received a kitchen donation from the Turkish Embassy, but it requires modern equipment, and stakeholders' support is needed.

Kazapua stated that limited classroom and dormitory space is becoming a challenge due to the increasing number of learners.

Additionally, the school requires a vehicle, especially for transporting learners to a health centre located a long distance from the school.
"Our hostel has two dormitories; the intake capacity should only be 50/50 in each dormitory; currently, we have gone to a 109 in the girl's dometry, which causes overcrowding. We have a kitchen donated by the Turkish Embassy, but at the moment we're lacking pots, boilers, and those facilities that we can use so that we can move from cooking outside under a shack and move indoors because in this time and era, we're moving towards Vision 2030, so we need to really improve on these facilities."

Kazapua adds that, while waiting for the community's and stakeholders' support, the school has planned various activities to raise funds for its development.

Vergenoeg Primary School has a population of 419 learners and twelve teachers.



Ngarije Kavari