Agriculture Ministry urged to revise Resettlement Policy


Leaders in the Omaheke Region have advised the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform to revise the resettlement qualifying criteria in the Resettlement Policy. 

The leaders are of the view that the criteria fall short of addressing the pressing need for resettlement for agricultural purposes.

Kalahari Constituency Councillor Iganatius Kariseb said although the policy has been adopted by the Cabinet, it is not addressing the issue of fencing land that will continue to affect vulnerable groups in the region.

Tsjaka residents demand removal of Mphe Thuto Primary School principal


Residents of Tsjaka in the Omaheke Region, along with farmers in the Kalahari Constituency, are demanding the removal or transfer of the principal at Mphe Thuto Primary School.

The community accuses the school principal of not prioritising the education sector and of failing to address the shortage of teachers at the school.

Two subjects have been without teachers since the beginning of the year.

Developing rural schools need assistance


A school principal at Vergenoeg Primary School in Kalahari Constituency, Kaituara Kazapua, has called upon all stakeholders to assist in developing rural schools.

Speaking to nbc News, Kazapua highlights that a lack of modern hostel facilities and transportation at the school negatively impacts the educational process.

Kazapua emphasised that education is a shared responsibility, and therefore, community support is paramount.

The school received a kitchen donation from the Turkish Embassy, but it requires modern equipment, and stakeholders' support is needed.