The Ondangwa, Ongwediva, and Oshakati town councils accompanied Vice President Nangolo Mbumba during his visit to several projects, where he was provided with progress updates and information on challenges experienced.

The Vice President received a brief overview of developments at Ondangwa Town Council before he proceeded to Extension 26, where the council recently initiated the construction of houses.

"Ondangwa is an old settlement, but it's growing fast because of its position in the region. It's very strategic, with beautiful infrastructure that assists our economic development here."

Mbumba was informed that 90% of the roads in Extension-26 have been completed and that the area is equipped with water, sewerage, and electricity infrastructure.

Mbumba's next destination was the Ongwediva Sky Phase One project, which focuses on sewer reticulation and improving sanitation in the town.

The council has incurred costs of N$6.5 million during this initiative.

"We have deliberately chosen to show you this project that we have recently embarked upon; it is actually serving about 300 residents here. This is part of the informal settlement of Ongwediva, and these people were not part of that sewer reticulation."

In Oshakati, the Vice President was taken to the Oshoopala informal settlement, where the Town Council relocated 49 houses to the Onawa reception area during the 2022–2023 financial year.

Additionally, in May, a further 90 structures were relocated to the same area.

"As Oshakati Town Council, we made this area one of our CBDs, meaning that when we are done with formalisation, we will sell this area to businesspeople. Whoever wants business land will get it, and they will do business."

Mbumba's trip concluded at the Oshakati Town Council landfill site, formerly known as the disposal site, which has been upgraded to include a weighbridge for efficient waste management.

All three towns expressed concern over residents' reluctance to make way for development, citing inadequate compensation as the primary reason.



Tonateni Haimbodi