The Karasburg East Constituency Office has handed over various types of equipment worth N$300,000 to approximately 60 beneficiaries. 

This initiative aims to alleviate unemployment and reduce the poverty rate in the constituency.

The equipment handed over for the income-generating projects includes sewing machines, generators, hair salon and catering equipment, welding machines, bakery and car wash equipment, as well as fashion and manicure equipment.

In addition to the equipment, some beneficiaries also received pre-paid electricity boxes, each worth N$800, which will be installed free of charge at their homes.

"You as the beneficiaries, also have your struggles, your challenges, and we have to meet each and every one halfway, so for the young ones who received today's equipment, please take care, take care of what you received today," said Karasburg East Constituency Regional Councillor Anseline Beukes.

Some of the beneficiaries had this to say. 
Paulson Witbooi said this will benefit her greatly, she said she didn't have a sewing machine and she was using a friend's sewing, everything she got will be a step in the right direction.

"When I received the phone call, I got some goosebumps,  I said thanks to God, he looks after all his children, I am very grateful to the councillor's office," said Katrina Steenkamp.

Andre Paulse Jnr. said he did not have the tools, but the donation will definitely boost his business, and it will enable him to render satisfactory services to his customers.



Luqman Cloete