Karasburg East Constituency Office donates to income-generating projects

The Karasburg East Constituency Office has handed over various types of equipment worth N$300,000 to approximately 60 beneficiaries. 

This initiative aims to alleviate unemployment and reduce the poverty rate in the constituency.

The equipment handed over for the income-generating projects includes sewing machines, generators, hair salon and catering equipment, welding machines, bakery and car wash equipment, as well as fashion and manicure equipment.

Katutura East Constituency SMEs receive equipment from Khomas' Income Generating Activity Programme

18 small and medium enterprises in the Katutura East Constituency have received equipment from the Khomas Region's Income Generating Activity Programme to improve their businesses and create jobs.

The business recipients include those in carpentry, needlework, takeaways, nail technicians, catering, baking, welding, and early childhood development.

The Councillor of Katutura East Constituency, Richard !Gaoseb, says the Income Generating Activities project is directed at supporting small, upcoming entrepreneurs.

28 beneficiaries from John Pandeni Constituency receive equipment

Twenty-eight beneficiaries from the John Pandeni Constituency received equipment and material to support their small businesses. 

The equipment and material given through the SME support programme are worth N$250 000.

Each year the Khomas Regional Council allocates N$2.5 million towards this programme in its 10 constituencies

The income-generating programmes are purposely designed and approved by the councils to assist mainly small businesses.

WHO donates to Health Ministry

The availability of medical equipment is key to the provision of quality health care services.

Health and Social Services Minister Dr. Kalumbi Shangula made this remark when he received medical equipment from South Korea and Iceland through the World Health Organization.

The purpose of the donation is to aid the government in improving the health of pregnant women and newborns and increasing the quality of care in the provision of other essential health services.