Residents of Tsjaka in the Omaheke Region, along with farmers in the Kalahari Constituency, are demanding the removal or transfer of the principal at Mphe Thuto Primary School.

The community accuses the school principal of not prioritising the education sector and of failing to address the shortage of teachers at the school.

Two subjects have been without teachers since the beginning of the year.

Romanus Mogotsi, the Tsjaka community spokesperson, said in a petition submitted to the Chief Regional Officer of the Omaheke Regional Council that the community demands the immediate appointment of teachers for Khoekhoegowab and Social Studies at Mphe Thuto Primary School.

They warn that if this demand is not met, they will not send their children back to school next term.

The petition maintains that, while the regional head office has made efforts to assist the school, the principal has shown ignorance and a lack of cooperation, resulting in a state of uncertainty regarding the teaching process at Mphe Thuto Primary School.

"We want to have a happy environment for our children. We never received feedback on the money we paid. We need a transparent and hardworking person to take responsibility for our children's education and academic performance. We want more for our children, but if the person in power does not perform, it won't help. So please remove, transfer, or give us someone who has the education and wellbeing of our learners at heart. As we see, the current principal interest is not in the wellbeing, education, or position of the learners. We hold our ground as parents. We will not send our children to school next term. This is not a threat, but a situation we find ourselves in."

The Chief Regional Officer of the Omaheke Regional Council, Pecka Semba, emphasised the vital role of the education sector in the social and economic aspects of the country.

Semba stated that stakeholders will collaborate and work towards finding solutions to the concerns raised by the community.



Ngarije Kavari