Chief Justices from southern and eastern African countries gathered in Windhoek for the official opening of the Southern African Chief Justices' Forum Management Committee meeting.

This event aims to promote regional cooperation, uphold the rule of law, and strengthen the independence of the courts.

Established 20 years ago, the Chief Justices' Forum recognises the crucial role played by judiciaries in upholding democratic principles and ensuring the rule of law within the region. 

The Forum seeks to foster contact, cooperation, and collaboration among courts operating in the participating countries.

Led by Chief Justice Peter Shivute of Namibia as Chairperson, the meeting will address various pressing matters, including an update on the readiness of Tanzania to host the Forum's annual conference.

"We are meeting today as a management committee to take stock of resolutions taken at the last annual meeting. We had a very fruitful meeting, and we have taken a number of resolutions."

The conference serves as a platform for Chief Justices and legal experts to exchange ideas, share experiences, and explore strategies for further enhancing the region's legal systems.

By engaging in strategic discussions and sharing best practises, the Forum aims to enhance mutual understanding and facilitate the exchange of knowledge among member countries.

The outcomes and discussions from the Southern African Chief Justices' Forum Management Committee meeting are expected to contribute to the development of the judiciary and legal landscape in Southern Africa.

The event symbolises a significant step towards further collaboration, ensuring the effective functioning of judicial systems, and upholding democratic values within the region.

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Southern African Chief Justices' Forum Management Committee


Daniel Nadunya