The headman at Corridor 22 in the Aminuis constituency of the Omaheke Region, Mbambu Arikumbi, is happy his village is set to receive a new borehole.

The village has been struggling to get water for the past three years after their existing borehole gave up.

Arikumbi says residents in the area find it difficult to travel more than 5 kilometres daily to Corridor 21 for water.

This situation, he says, affects residents' livelihoods.

The headman fears that with the prevalent drought situation and lack of water, farmers will lose great numbers of livestock.

With the envisaged new borehole, Arikumbi implored his community to venture into backyard gardening.

The Constituency Councillor, Peter Kazongominja, acknowledged that the community at Corridor 22 has been waiting for the new borehole for far too long.

There are 22 homesteads located on Corridor 22, holding more than 600 livestock.



Ngarije Kavari