Local company restores borehole at Dr. Fischer Primary School for education and sustainability


A local company, South Haven Commodities, has stepped up to rehabilitate the borehole of Dr. Fischer Primary School in the Aminuis Constituency which has been dysfunctional since last year.

The company's director, Tjakazenga Kamuhanga, says education is one of the sectors that requires collective action from all stakeholders.

Education Inspector Ismael Kazondanga said the rehabilitation of the borehole will enable the school to engage in agriculture-related activities that will assist the school in raising funds for its upkeep. 

Aminuis residents express concerns on effects of Green hydrogen project


Residents of Aminuis Constituency in the Omaheke Region have expressed strong concern about the socio-economic implications and environmental effects of the proposed Green Hydrogen Project.

They expressed these sentiments during a stakeholders' meeting on the Green Hydrogen Namibia project, which was addressed by Obeth Kandjoze at Aminuis constituency.

Residents, while commending the government's proactive approach in initiating a project of significant magnitude aimed at bolstering the nation's economy, expressed several reservations and concerns as well.

Corridor 22 Headman thrilled for borehole installation


The headman at Corridor 22 in the Aminuis constituency of the Omaheke Region, Mbambu Arikumbi, is happy his village is set to receive a new borehole.

The village has been struggling to get water for the past three years after their existing borehole gave up.

Arikumbi says residents in the area find it difficult to travel more than 5 kilometres daily to Corridor 21 for water.

This situation, he says, affects residents' livelihoods.

The headman fears that with the prevalent drought situation and lack of water, farmers will lose great numbers of livestock.

Proper research needed before exploration and mining activities in Aminuis


The Chairperson of the Stampriet Acquifer Uranium Mining Association, Divan Opperman, has called on all relevant authorities to do proper research before taking any decision regarding the possible exploration and mining activities in the Aminuis Constituency.

Opperman made the call after a community engagement session at Leonardville.

Speaking to nbc News, Opperman stated that the Stampriet Aquifer is a source of water for many, and proper investigations are a must before any mining activity is carried out.

Aminuis households receive solar electrical equipment


28 households at Corridor 14 in the Aminuis Constituency, Omaheke Region, received solar electrical equipment through the Embassy of the United States.

The donation is worth more than N$100,000 and includes solar lights and radios.

The donated items are meant to help the community living close to the Namibia-Botswana border fend off predators that used to terrorize them at night.

Absai Uetuesapi Mungendje dies


The community of Omaheke said it has lost a family man, Absai Uetuesapi Mungendje, who always advocated for peace among his people.

Mungendje aged 99 died last week. 
The traditional priest was residing at Toasis, at the homestead of the late Hosea Kutako in the Aminuis Constituency.

The homestead is being transformed into a memorial museum in honor of the late Chief Hosea Kutako.

The late Mungendje was a nephew and a driver of the late Ombara Kutako.

High stock theft cases in Aminuis a concern among farming communities


High stock theft cases in the Omaheke Region's Aminuis Constituency are causing concern among farming communities.

Farmers say they are losing donkeys and small stock, and more than 50 animals were stolen during the past two months.

Hence, the community called upon the Namibian Police Force to tighten up its operation around the corridors and the constituency at large.