Residents of Aminuis Constituency in the Omaheke Region have expressed strong concern about the socio-economic implications and environmental effects of the proposed Green Hydrogen Project.

They expressed these sentiments during a stakeholders' meeting on the Green Hydrogen Namibia project, which was addressed by Obeth Kandjoze at Aminuis constituency.

Residents, while commending the government's proactive approach in initiating a project of significant magnitude aimed at bolstering the nation's economy, expressed several reservations and concerns as well.

"One thing I notice is that I think you're reluctant to talk about the environmental impact that this project will cause because I know from the experience in New England in the US that they have these windmills alongside the coast, and the feasibility done has noticed that the birds that fly along that area have been killed by these windmills, and this is something that this programme that you presented will really not touch on. There are animals that live in that area; how is that going to affect them?" asked Veraa Katuuo.

"We import much of our electricity from outside—close to 70 percent—and we have a challenge even locally to produce energy, and even SA is struggling to maintain that for years to come, and I'm not seeing Nampower being part of the council," said Steve Katjiuanjo.

In response, Kandjoze emphasised the council's commitment to engaging communities to provide clarity on the pros and cons, opportunities, and challenges associated with the Green Hydrogen Project.



Ngarije Kavari